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​Welcome to Varclaw Bengals!

​Dedicated to Breeding Top Quality Bengal Kittens.


Bengals make such wonderful companions, they are fun, entertaining, affectionate & will fill your life with endless joy.  It is such a pleasure to own and to provide you with such a delightful little leopard into your family home. 


Here at Varclaw we are passionate about breeding top Quality Bengals, specializing in wild looks as well as loving natures. Health testing is a priority, we DNA test all our adult Bengals as well as regular specialist Veterinary screenings.


We are Registered Breeders located at Penrith, Sydney, NSW. We take pride in ensuring our kittens have the best possible start in life & we will always provide lifetime support for our kittens.


Our Bengals provide us with so much love and entertainment we couldn't imagine a life without them!

Varclaw Bengals

Varclaw Bengals

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