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We welcome you to our wonderful Kings page. We are so proud of all our Bengals, each having their own uniqueness & charm. We are indeed very fortunate to be able to have such wonderful companions of such excellent quality and are delighted to share our purr-friends with you. 

Bundu Voodoo

Voodoo is our up and coming Snow Mink Rosetted King. Voodoo has crystal blue eyes and near perfect markings, his Rosettes are so amazing most people who see him think they are painted on. He has so much glitter in his pelt he glows in the sunshine! Voodoo has such an endearing personality and loves cuddles and playing around on the grass chasing crickets. He comes from the best imported lines, We are so excited to have him here and cannot wait to see what incredible kittens he will produce! Thanks to Adriana for this outstanding boy!


Tijah HR Giger

Our adorable Giger is an incredible work of Art! Giger has amazing green eyes and huge black rosettes. Giger comes from a Silver to Silver breeding and from top Quality imported lines. He will be joining our Silver breeding program, he has already produced outstanding kittens with our Silver Queen Maleva and we look forward to seeing more outstanding Black Rosetted Silvers. We are so smitten with this boy! Thanks to Suzanne for producing such an incredible boy!

Past Studs

Warpaint Rock Idol

This boy pounced straight out of the Jungle into out hearts! Rusty is our wild looking purr monster, he is an outstanding representation of the Bengal breed with Top Quality Bloodlines. We are so lucky to have had this boy here as our stud, His kittens are outstanding in every way!

Rusty is back with Gucci Bengals Australia. Update: Warpaint Rock Idol's has now moved to the USA to join an exciting breeding program!


Quicksilver Eskimo Joe

Majestic and Charming our big boy Joe is! We are so excited to have this magnificent blue eyed Snow boy in our breeding program.

Update: Eskimo Joe has now retired from our breeding program and living his retirement as a spoilt pussy cat! He has produced stunning Top Quality Snow leopard cubs and will continue his lines in our program through his two stunning daughters.


Varclaw Bengals

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